Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Attempt at an update

It's been so long since I have posted anything here. I don't even know where to being.
It's kind of pathetic that it's been so long yet, I am trying to think about what I have been doing all this time and the answer is: absolutely nothing. There has been a whole lot of staying home and trying to keep warm. Chopping of wood and building fires. Our family had an another attempt at a Christmas dinner and failed miserably, although we had 3 Christmas dinners with 3 different family's this year and I was sick all through Christmas with my family, and into the new year. I've been trying to eat more healthy and fill my diet with words like "multi-grain" "no sugar" and recently cut out pop, chocolate and sugar with much success.
I've seen my beautifully pregnant Sister-in-law (who is due in March with my very first authentic niece or nephew), Jasmine and Spencer (they grow up too fast) Virginia and her family. Met William's new pride and joy; Emma who was born early December. Spent quite a bit of time with the family and Brittany. Celebrated my father's birthday and Danny's birthday. Packed up Danny and sent him off to work in Ontario twice. He's working in Timmins right now. So I am at home with the dogs in enduring snowy nights of Manitoba weather and patiently waiting for Spring and my garden full of Tulips to come out.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Black Hole

bet y'all though I fell off the face of the earth didn'tcha !