Friday, April 28, 2006

1 Year of blogging

It occurred to me this morning that it has been 1 year exactly since I started blogging.
Although I am not the witty, hip, trendy blogger I aspired to be, I am finding it easier to express myself through my writing, photography and poetry. Although I am still a long way off from this
I am still exploring ways to connect with people and use this blog as a therapeutic tool for myself. I am still not sure how to classify this blog, I call it a "personal blog" and when I write I generally use it as a journal to remember the smaller details of my life and my marriage that may be overlooked. I probably break all the "blogger etiquette" rules and have very few readers, (not some how related to me)but I still enjoy it the same, if not more as I did when I started.

My current blogger idols (as horribly cheesy as it sounds) or people who have or continue to inspire me:

-Vanessa a.k.a Van-Nasty : It never occurred to me that people and friends I knew had blogs or what they used them for. Vaness introduced me to blogging and has always encouraged my sorry ass.

-Heather a.k.a Explosive Laughter: This girl oozes talent. Her photography is awesome and she is very inter-web intelligent. Is she can teach me, that says something. And she had a photo-session in a bathtub. A girl after my very own heart.

-Heather Armstrong a.k.a Dooce : So incredibly gifted and talented. I would kill for her writing style and photography skills and her gorgeous babe Leta

My interest in blogging has evolved into a new greater interest in photography and a new and fresh interest in creative writing which began hibernation when I moved out of my parents house. Hooray for creativity !!!
Here's to many more years of blogging and airing dirty laundry on the internet. :)

Good Things

-Large Mochas from Tim Horton's
-Last nights episode of The OC
-Spring Rain
-The stripper last night at Anola bar that had everyone laughing with her and not at her
-Seeing Lesley after a long time
-My crew from Folk Fest all coming back (with the exception of Danielle :(
-My husbands good humour in the morning
-My interest in hockey coming back
-Excited about planting flowers and vegetables this weekend
-Spring Cleaning
-"Hold On, Hold On" from Neko Case

It's friday ...... houray!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Binding Ties

you feel the need to
constantly put him down
and bring up the past
and pass it around
like a virus
not one visit
without a mention
of a binge
or destruction
or items stolen
or destroyed
not willing
to move on
and let sleeping
and not rise them

this soured relationship
strained with your
makes me wonder
what could be
and what could have been
and crave something
so different from what is

a family of many
all with this bitter pill
and he is so numb
but I am not
and refuse to be

if you all only knew
that I was the lucky one
maybe I should make it a point
of reminding you all
of the truth
that he came in time to save me
that he is happiness and joy
and truth and light
that shines on me everyday
that his past is far gone
just like mine

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Material Grrrl

Dear God,

My life rules right now. I am happy and have a great husband a nice house and everything is great. However, if you really want to knock my socks off you could help me in the following departments:

-bring me a baby {preferably via the ("the" as in "mine") womb}
-bring me a 20' iMac
-bring me a Nikon D70

I promise I will be polite and very nice. For real this time I swear. Even at you-know-who's social this weekend, where I know it will almost kill me.

Your Friend,


Tough Love

When something you love
gives you a stomach ache
and makes you feel like
if you could just cry about it
you would feel better and get
on and move on

do you still love it?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Me likey free music !!

"Driving home I see those flooded fields
How can people not know what beauty this is
I've taken it for granted my whole life
Since the day I was born"

Check out this great site to get a free Neko Case/Martha Wainwright concert. I downloaded it as a prelude to my first Neko Case experience in July.
Many peed pants to be expected.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dear Lurkers,

I never understood the bitterness towards lurkers by other bloggers but when you blog for a year and get 5 comments ( thanks Vaness, thanks Heather) you have to ask yourself one thing.

Where are the ever-loving comments?????

For the first 5 comments you will recieve a copy of the boob shot that is floating around telus' text messaging system at this very moment. Which may or not be of my own boobs. Drunken boobs. Too many "dirty hooker boobs". Boobs that Marcel has probably shown to every god forsaken Fireman in the City of Winnipeg.

Once again prooving: camera's and alcohol don't mix.

thanks lurking lurkers


Friday, April 07, 2006

Obviously I am not crazy

Apparently there is one other person in the world that thinks Champagne Colored Bridesmaid Dresses are perfectly acceptable and quite stunning.

Life ain't very easy, when you've got a permanent broken heart

Weekly recap, (who ever thought my life would be so busy!!!)

- Finished living room (pics coming soon)
- Spent 10 hrs at the hospital with my dad on tuesday. He went in with a suspected heart attack. He was in agony, and I was completely panicked (the last time I was in the hospital was with my dying grandmothers) He's at home now but it was a scary couple of days. Another reason for my hysteria was that my Uncle Billy went to St. Boniface Hospital a day earlier for more test on his heart and a stress test for his angina. I thought we'd earned a 2-for-1 special. However, they did not agree.
-Started (finally!!) on the fertility drugs. Please cross your finger and toes (and what ever other body parts you can cross) for Dan and I over then next few weeks.
-Taking my favourite niece and nephew out for supper tonight. I'll Flickr the cuteness from the restaurant.
- I start Guitar Lessons on Tuesday. I am so excited, just may pee my pants, for real this time. Hopefully I can learn a chord before folk fest.

Monday, April 03, 2006


"I had one friend in high school recently he hung himself with string
His note said
'If livin' is the problem, well that's just baffling.'
And at the wake I waited around to see my ex first love
And I barely recognized her, but I knew exactly what she was thinking of
We sat quietly in the corner whispering close about loss
And I remembered why I loved her, and I asked her why I drove her off
She said
The slow fade of love
Its soft edge might cut you
And our poor friend, Jim
Well he just lived within
The slow fade of love"