Monday, December 05, 2005

Show me the money....

Blissful nights, in snowcapped homes sipping rum and eggnog whilst cuddling near the fire. Lovingly gazing at the sparkling perfectly trimmed tree and the presents beneath spilling out across the floor.

Cold and freezing in your home that you bought but forgot to check if it was insulated. It wasn't. The woodstove is in the garage, because you can't afford to install it, so you use your trusty Black&Decker space heater and your baseheaters which sucks up $350 bucks a month in hydro. You have no tree because you spent your last $20 bucks this morning on gas to get to work and $7.25 parking. You spent all your Christmas money on presents for people you know will never get you anything and ran out of money for your immediate family. You can only be in the same room as your husband for no longer than 6 minutes before money fighting begins. You put your kidney and your liver up on E-Bay in hopes you will have enough money to renew your car insurance, and you train your dogs to pull you to work in a sleigh.

Merry Fucking Christmas.

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