Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Well it's that time......

I survived Folk Fest.
I survived 46 C (with the humidity) and even walked around in Handmade Village on the Saturday. I purchased some hippy baby wear. I laid in Shady Grove and enjoyed an entire Workshop until dinner time. I spent the entire Saturday night on a tarp and only left to pee. It was fantastic. I owe it all to my assistants though. Without them I would probably still be under a picnic table in Birds Hill Park, crying. I was a calm cucumber and it was awesome. The weekend, of course, flew by and only felt like 1 long day but that's usual.

Now that it's over (The day after Folk Fest is much like my New Year's Day) I am now preparing and celebrating my impending maternity leave ! I don't think you all are ready for all this belly ! It's getting heavier by the day and I am certain I made the right choice by leaving a month early. It'll be nice to have a month to myself and calmly prepare for this baby's arrival. Prepare for this baby and prepare to go see Justin Timberlake on August 25th....oh boy....should be interesting :)

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