Monday, August 15, 2005

Born to be wild

Pops Bradshaw bought me a fucking bicycle, people !!!!

After a lovely saturday with my mom, (shopping with a nice lunch, talked like girls & booked a makeover at Clinique) Pops phones and asks us to come over to Olympia Cycle on Portage and meet him there. I got a wicked bike ( Trek Ladies Sole Ride 300) with a back rest!!! Yay for me and yay for my back that never gets a break! Yay for being spoiled!!! The picture above it exactly it, same color and all. So after Pops loaded it in to his car, we all went in mine and checked out a few Volkswagons for sale in the St. James area (We are both looking for a VW Golf Diesel....damn you $1/Litre gas...grrrr) and stopped by Lone Star to drool over the cool Mercedes and Smart Cars and then headed back to go out for dinner.
Sunday was nice too. I woke up and cleaned up the yard a bit, played with the doggies and cleaned my car. Mom & Pops stopped by to bring me said bicycle and have a little visit and take my poor old stepper. After they left I commenced a major spring cleaning in my house, renouncing my pack-rat ways. All old christmas cards, gone. All fancy gift bags, gone. ALL CRAP I DON'T NEED ANYMORE.....GONE. Danny is going to be so proud of me..... :)

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