Tuesday, June 06, 2006


- am suddenly very afraid of storms
- am on holidays as of friday
- am kind of weirded out that today is 6/6/06
- killed a cricket with a broom last night and it came back to life and is now MIA
- am married to a guy that is covered in poison ivy....AGAIN
- am married to a guy that stayed out late last night, but brought me maple walnut ice cream.
- wish my baby could have a soother like this but my kid will probably just get a rock to suck on.
- haven't seen my two best friends in months.
- am going to the farm on friday and going quading !!!!
- am having Casa Grande pizza for lunch today ...yay!!
- am suddenly a celebrity gossip sucker! All thanks to Heather and her love of PerezHilton
- miss Vanessa....lots.
- lost interest in this 4 minutes ago.
- hope my girly insides are working...... go ovaries.
- am going to stop now.


Nessie V said...

well you could always come out and visit you know. i did offer you a free way to get here via points...

Mindola said...

I can't take that silly! you need your points to see your fam.
Believe me, I miss you and I miss BC so much.
Maybe when Dan goes back to the rigs I'll make him send me there for my birthday, the bastard!

When are you back from the wilds of europe?