Tuesday, June 27, 2006


and how have i become the
rough cobblestone beneath your feet
scraped and abused
yet forgiven
and repaved at the next second
i’ve become the reliable one
the one you can count on
but when have i been able to count
on you?

been on my own without the comforting
word of a friend for too long
only brief little coffees to try to
reel us back from the brink
but some how i think we are too
far beyond the edge
i’ve always held on,
but will you hold on?

spit out your abuse
you know i won’t return it
you know i will stay the same
quiet and broken
at home alone
it’s always his and never my own
impairing the image of myself
that i see everyday
that the person i once was
has now sunk into the
earth of my marriage
consuming and completely
till there is nothing left
of me

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