Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tearing Toronto a new asshole...

ok, so i have been MIA for a few weeks. this is a good thing people! this means i am not sitting at home bored waiting for dan to get home.

to recap the last few weeks

went back to the fert. doc. he said i need to lose more weight before our next steps..put me on two prescriptions and i go back in december....i totally chickened out and didn't say any of the things i said i was going to i just showed up there and i felt like my tongue was cemented to the floor. the little 90 lb doctor wins again.

went to toronto.....blew it out like only a blowout would. stayed in the hot westin harbour castle, went to richtree for lunch, checked out the hockey hall of fame went and had floor seats to the U2 concert at the acc....checked out the guvernment, ran into the ottawa senators (more specifically dany heatley)in the hotel lobby, slept in a heavenly bed, on heavenly sheets with heavenly pillows, had lunch at sightlines, enjoyed my first mlb baseball game, went back to pearson and flew home. sounds short and it was but there was a whole lot more that happened which was work related (which i am not prepared to write about for fear of the dooce

what's going on now you ask?
well other than trying to diet, only to be struck down by the evil buger king last night....(damn you evil jr. whopper!!!) i am trying to be crafty and therefore spend an unnecessary amount of money at michael's last night. which reminds me if anyone sees any large quart sealers with lids either in their basements, garage sales or at their grandma's please save them for me... i'm also on the look out for large decorative mirrors with a large frame. circle mirrors would be perfect. i'm going to give martha a run for her money!!

ps. listen to red right ankle from the decemberists i guess you could call that my song of the day or week or year.

later kids.


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Nessie V said...

red right ankle was the first decemberists song i learnt to play.
it's a sweetie
as all of their other songs are really.
can't wait to see them again...and again