Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I ain't no high class broad....

I hate working in the city.
I hate commuting to the city.

I want to move to Winnipegosis.

I am sad.


Nessie V said...

why so sad?
take off the word verification
it sucks

Mindola said...

I had to put it on cause these dumb blowouts were posting comments about pharmacy drugs on here.

LOGFAN said...

I hear they have a one minute commute in Winnipegosis, and one good website if you search at MSN it's the first hit.

It is a town that needs new people as most major industry has left.

But it would look great with some condo's on it's beachs. Some millionaires hide in Winnipegosis, but don't tell.

They want it to themselves!

Not to mention it's a great place to retire and if you've always wanted a log home, there are options here, no they don't cost millions.

What you'll save on the land will pay for the house!