Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Things I have been up to....

...what I have been up to since I am now on holidays and enjoying the good life.....Or at least the lazy life!

-Went to the Gwen Stefani concert last week. This was my second "big" arena concert this fall. Pretty exciting. And Row 9 floor seats aren't too shabby either. And if you ask me how the concert was I will respond simply: Gwen Stefani is friggin hot.

-Went quading last weekend with Rob, Kenny, Les, Laurie (with Dan) and had a blast. We blew it out hardcore on Friday night (just the guys and I), woke up the next morning had breakfast, fought over the correct term for cooking an egg in toast( we say hole in egg)and the nerds say "egg in a nest". The girls came over and then we went on our way. Found some cool trails that I had never been down before. The girls had to be back for 3:30 so we had a quick lunch on the trail, Dan lit Kenny on fire, Laurie stalled Rob's rented quad, and we bolted home to get them there on time. Once they left we warmed up for a bit and then took off again (just the 4 of us)We had to be wary of the hunters out in full force. We hit some major trails, got pretty stuck along the powerlines, Kenny killed his quad and almost himself in this huge hole and then at 8 we headed home. Half frozen, bruised up and hungry we went to Richer for dinner at my new favorite restaurant "The Timberline" and then barely made it home and dragged our asses to bed.
What a weekend!!!

-And now I am on holidays (if you can call them that, when I am staying at home and cleaning the house and baking!!!)
Oh well a little rest is just what I needed!

ps. Hunters who leave dead deer carcasses on the trails are assholes!!!

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