Thursday, November 09, 2006

"Ho, Ho, Ho, not a merry christmas"

Well halloween is over. I sat in the dark and watched "What ever happened to Baby Jane" by myself ate a crappy dinner and didn't hand out candy for the first time. With the recent snowfall there were only 3 kids wandering the 2 streets in Ross, it just wasn't worth buying candy. Plus there would be leftovers that I would be forced to eat, just so, you know, they wouldn't go bad cause candy can do that you know.

So now that Halloween is over we transition over to the start of the Christmas season. It's now time for Mindy to bring on more stress to her life by handmaking all of her gifts, planning a small but lavish christmas party, spending entirely too much on other gifts for immediate family and especially that spoiled husband of hers. Baking an entire arsenal of cookies, bars, squares, snowballs, rum balls which we will only eat about 8% of and the rest will sit in the freezer until the drunk snowmobilers or stoned quaders show up unexpectedly and I have nothing to feed them but half frozen christmas baking.
It's my favourite time of the year but I just can't help but wonder how it will all come together if Dan is in Timmins until December 22nd. It just won't be as much fun by myself.

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