Friday, April 07, 2006

Life ain't very easy, when you've got a permanent broken heart

Weekly recap, (who ever thought my life would be so busy!!!)

- Finished living room (pics coming soon)
- Spent 10 hrs at the hospital with my dad on tuesday. He went in with a suspected heart attack. He was in agony, and I was completely panicked (the last time I was in the hospital was with my dying grandmothers) He's at home now but it was a scary couple of days. Another reason for my hysteria was that my Uncle Billy went to St. Boniface Hospital a day earlier for more test on his heart and a stress test for his angina. I thought we'd earned a 2-for-1 special. However, they did not agree.
-Started (finally!!) on the fertility drugs. Please cross your finger and toes (and what ever other body parts you can cross) for Dan and I over then next few weeks.
-Taking my favourite niece and nephew out for supper tonight. I'll Flickr the cuteness from the restaurant.
- I start Guitar Lessons on Tuesday. I am so excited, just may pee my pants, for real this time. Hopefully I can learn a chord before folk fest.

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