Friday, April 28, 2006

1 Year of blogging

It occurred to me this morning that it has been 1 year exactly since I started blogging.
Although I am not the witty, hip, trendy blogger I aspired to be, I am finding it easier to express myself through my writing, photography and poetry. Although I am still a long way off from this
I am still exploring ways to connect with people and use this blog as a therapeutic tool for myself. I am still not sure how to classify this blog, I call it a "personal blog" and when I write I generally use it as a journal to remember the smaller details of my life and my marriage that may be overlooked. I probably break all the "blogger etiquette" rules and have very few readers, (not some how related to me)but I still enjoy it the same, if not more as I did when I started.

My current blogger idols (as horribly cheesy as it sounds) or people who have or continue to inspire me:

-Vanessa a.k.a Van-Nasty : It never occurred to me that people and friends I knew had blogs or what they used them for. Vaness introduced me to blogging and has always encouraged my sorry ass.

-Heather a.k.a Explosive Laughter: This girl oozes talent. Her photography is awesome and she is very inter-web intelligent. Is she can teach me, that says something. And she had a photo-session in a bathtub. A girl after my very own heart.

-Heather Armstrong a.k.a Dooce : So incredibly gifted and talented. I would kill for her writing style and photography skills and her gorgeous babe Leta

My interest in blogging has evolved into a new greater interest in photography and a new and fresh interest in creative writing which began hibernation when I moved out of my parents house. Hooray for creativity !!!
Here's to many more years of blogging and airing dirty laundry on the internet. :)


Nessie V said...

i bought the new neko case
because you like it so much and i like the new pornographers so much
it just made sense
i am happy
my throat is full of razor blades
they are tinny and hurt like bitches

Mindola said...

yay!!!!!! I can't stop playing it....STILL.

Danny is so annoyed, but.....WHO cares.
It's neko and she's coming here.

Did I tell you I'm the new Transportation Coordinator for FF this year?

try eating salt & vinegar chips. The salt takes the pain away and heals.
Sounds weird but it works. You must remember how many bouts of step and tonsilitis i got... :)
look after yourself.