Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dear Lurkers,

I never understood the bitterness towards lurkers by other bloggers but when you blog for a year and get 5 comments ( thanks Vaness, thanks Heather) you have to ask yourself one thing.

Where are the ever-loving comments?????

For the first 5 comments you will recieve a copy of the boob shot that is floating around telus' text messaging system at this very moment. Which may or not be of my own boobs. Drunken boobs. Too many "dirty hooker boobs". Boobs that Marcel has probably shown to every god forsaken Fireman in the City of Winnipeg.

Once again prooving: camera's and alcohol don't mix.

thanks lurking lurkers



jennster said...

i am commenting and i just found you TODAY!!!!!!!!
i guess we want to feel loved and appreciated and like the things we're posting make a difference to SOMEONE> or that someone is fucking reading. dammit.lol

Mindola said...

Jennster, you freaking rawk girl!
thanks for the comment!

HKD said...

hahahahahaha. i like boobies. i'm going to send you another mixed cd.