Monday, April 24, 2006

Binding Ties

you feel the need to
constantly put him down
and bring up the past
and pass it around
like a virus
not one visit
without a mention
of a binge
or destruction
or items stolen
or destroyed
not willing
to move on
and let sleeping
and not rise them

this soured relationship
strained with your
makes me wonder
what could be
and what could have been
and crave something
so different from what is

a family of many
all with this bitter pill
and he is so numb
but I am not
and refuse to be

if you all only knew
that I was the lucky one
maybe I should make it a point
of reminding you all
of the truth
that he came in time to save me
that he is happiness and joy
and truth and light
that shines on me everyday
that his past is far gone
just like mine

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