Tuesday, May 10, 2005

100 things you probably didn't know about me....stolen from HKD

1-My real first name is Melinda
2-My family has always called me Mindy
3-I'm starting to like that name more as I get older
4-I'm 25
5-I'm married
6-my husband's name is Dan
7-he's going to go work on the oil rigs
8-I'm going to miss him
10-I have a chicken pox scar on my stomach
11-i got chicken pox when I was 8
12-they kept me out of school a long time for it
13-my hair isn't really red, it's the iron in the water
14-i should get my hair cut more often
15-i can't cause i am always broke
16-i have a fixation with chocolate
17-i need it almost every day
18-it is hard not to eat it when you are dieting
19-i don't get to see my best friends enough
20-2 of them live in winnipeg and one is in van city.
21-my relationship with my parents improved when I moved out
22-dan and I started living together after a month of dating
23-we got engaged 4 months after that
24-on July 15th I will have lived in my house for a year
25-the furthest i have ever traveled is Monterey, CA in 97
26-i went with my parents
27-my favourite place to party is whistler.
28-i'll probably never get to go there again
29-i've slept with 4 times as many people as I have dated
30-the longest i have ever had a relationship with someone was 4 years
31-it wasn't my husband
32-it was someone elses husband
33-i have no regrets
34-i only wish i kept in better touch with some people
35-i have poor self image
36-i am in denial about how much
37-i struggled with depression in 1998 and 1999
38-i've lost all my grandparents except one
39-they had my parents in their late 40's
40-my surviving grandma is 92
41-i found my estranged family in BC
42-i only told my mom, cause I was scared of my dad
43-i am always nauseous
44-i only have 6 things in my fridge at the moment
45-2 I am sure are mouldy
46-I have the best job ever
47-i feel guilty for not doing more
48-i stopped coffee and coke in September
49-i only miss caramel lattes
50-i love living in Manitoba
51-i don't care that people don't like it here
52- i love traveling by plane
53- i hate riding in a car, it hurts my back
54-i was in 3 car accidents by the time i was 23
55-none were my fault
56-i've been to the dr's at least 25 times in the last year
57-I'm allergic to lobster and crab
58-and strawberries
59-but i still love strawberries
60-i love bright colors
61-If I ever get pregnant, my kids will have unusual names
62-and I don't care if dan doesn't like em
63-when he has a kid he can name them
64-i love salad bars
65-i love girl singers
66-i always wish that I could sing in a folk group
67-i'd love to be in a band like Rudimental.
68-i sing in the car all the time whether i am alone or not
69-my first crush was on Huey Lewis.
70-my longest crush was bruce willis. (from age 8 till now)
71-i love to paint and draw
72-I'm just too picky to like anything i do
73-i am too worked up all the time to paint
74-I'm a speed reader
75-I love David Fincher. Movies
76-I have divorced myself from 3 of my best friends over a fight
78-Ryan is my only guy buddy I never slept with
79-My wedding was a big nightmare
80-I have changed lots because of it
81-my relationships with my friends have changed because of it.
82-I have moved 9 times in my lifetime
83-i dont' want to ever move again
84-i want 3 children
85-I want a nice yard and garden
86-i won't have that with 2 dogs
87-i love quading
88-i was scared to drive it at first and now i love it
89-i want my own quad ( i have one picked out)
90-Since i don't have the internet at home, I'm not Mrs. Music-Know-It-All anymore
91-i love girls nights out when we stay in
92-i'm too selfconscious for the bar
93-I have Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome.
94-it causes me to suffer a lot of symptoms
95-infertility is the biggest one
96-hence why i am anti-abortion
97-I'm also against the death penalty
98-this was easier than i thought
99-my middle name is Jean
100- there I am done!


Nessie V said...

it took me freakin forever to do 100 things about me
how can you say it's easy?!

Mindola said...

it was easy.... i love to talk about myself!! ha ha