Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Protect the weak......

so the fireman "perks up"
overcame a coma
so many long years
in a "persistive vegetative state"
and I wonder
what the politicians,
and congressmen
and lawyers
would have thought about this
34 days ago
when terri was still barely alive
being starved
because they thought it was
the "right thing to do"
maybe they would have come
to a different conclusion
and saw the error of their
and perhaps been inspired
to change our "death society" ways
we seem always so quick to give up
and forget that sometimes
life does prevail
over terror, and illness and accidents
maybe one fireman, now
will have power to make us think
not give up
too quickly next time.


HKD said...

that's very sweet, and so true.

i thought about teri a lot.

but i was starting to get disguisted by the whole issue.

that poor woman. starved to death.


Mindola said...

the whole thing was a disgusting nightmare.

I made sure this would never ever happen to me.