Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Why bother

So I plan this fancy elegant mother's day brunch at my house.....
In all my experience with these families I should friggin know better.

"oh ok we'll come, but you better invite Baba & Guido to come so it'll save us a trip"

"ummm alright"
(I didn't know Grandparent's Day fell on the same day)

"well be there about noon"

So I continue to plan, slightly annoyed.

Then I talk to my mother
"well your dad wants to visit your grandma in the morning so i don't know what's going on"

This would have been nice to know BEFORE I spent what little money I have on ridiculous ingredients for all this fancy crap I don't want to make anymore.

agitated AND annoyed

I phone up my dad

"So are you guys coming for breakfast because I am making breakfast food. It's pretty retarded to make breakfast food for people that show up at 2"

"We'll either do it or don't do it"
he hangs up.

So now I am left with all this crap I am supposed to make, not that Dan wouldn't appreciate it, but now I am not very interested in doing anything for Mother's Day at all.

and I should have said early breakfast
I suppose this is my fault.


Nessie V said...

tell pops bradshaw that grams bradshaw won't even notice if he visits at 9am or 9pm and to get his ass over there.
what are you making by the way?
i'm hungry

Mindola said...

maple crunch muffins
homemade (from scratch) cinnamon buns
cranberry orange muffins
Yogurt Parfaits
Fruit Crepes
Cinnamon Lattes

too bad you're in TO

Nessie V said...

you really need some bacon or sausage in there by the way
and it is ambitious
you might just have to start tonight

Mindola said...

Yeah but now i am doing nothing, well dan's parents are still coming. My dad isn't talking to me....and i'm pretty sure my mother is just staying quiet.
I'm going to eat all the damn food myself.

if you were coming i'd make sausages...but for them...toughluck!