Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I'm weary with right-angles, abbreviated daylight, and waiting for a winter to be done.

So Mother's Day is over.
It all worked out, and was another example of how I get worked up over nothing .

Dan got a call on Sunday night about getting a job on an oil rig out in AB and Sask. He's very excited. I am apprehensive. This would be such a win/lose situation. We could pay off all our debt, finish renovating the house, and I could get some shit done that I have always wanted: guitar lessons, mandolin lessons, a photography class, etc......


I have never lived on my own. Ever.
I have never spent a significant amount of time away from Dan. Ever.

I am afraid of being miserable the whole time he's away. I am worried that I won't be able to handle it. Although, I know, if he does go it's at least for 2 years. I will have to handle it. I am just hoping that the good ( ie: money) outweighs the bad ( ie: dan away) Somehow I doubt it.
Absense does make the heart grow fonder though right?

I am tough I am tough I am tough I am tough I am tough I am tough

lots of people do this, go through this, fix their money problems, live happily ever after

I'll be fine, I have some kick ass friends that are their for me and know what's going on....
Ginny, Krista, Vanessa.

I bet people are putting bets on me right now. All of Dan's friends told him I can't handle it.
thanks for the vote of confidence guys...

This may be the chance to get back some of the old (good) Mindy I was looking for.


Nessie V said...

forget about dan's friends. you can do it. no debt is a good thing.
nice weakerthans quote.
...i'm waiting for your next communique...

Mindola said...

my communique?

i'm waiting for yours?!