Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Bye Bye Love......

So Dan passed his tests in Sask. and quit his job today and everything is awesome. He leaves next Wednesday. It will be so nice to pay some bills and get out of debt. He's only going to be gone for 2 weeks at a time. It won't be the greatest arrangement, but not the very worst either.

Wish me luck people!!!!
I will be leaning on you all for support for the next while.

Ps. anyone wanting to send me music, I will love you forever. I have no internet in the country and only 4 channels on tv so I am looking for some musical comfort!!! You will be greatly rewarded for you generosity.... :)


Nessie V said...

good luck to el dano diablo
i say i'll send music but it'll take me a month to get it to you.
i'll try though
i'll try

HKD said...

e-mail me your address and i will send you a mixed cd...or two.

it's the least i can do.

i can't imagine being stuck without the internet in the country...


(i am such an addict...)

Mindola said...

awwwww thanks Guys..... you're the best!