Friday, June 10, 2005

and if the answer is no, can i change your mind

I'm alright
I'm ok

Hurting and stomach aching
but surviving.

Dan is home, on shut down
messing my house
organized chaos

it's amazing how lonely
you feel
when someone dies
and how guilty

but I'm alright
and I'm ok
i'm surviving.


HKD said...

i am glad you are ok. i was getting worried.

Mindola said...

thanks girl.

It's pretty rough losing both grandmothers in 3 months to the day...ugh.... but just trying to move on and get through it.

it sucks being a grown up.

Nessie V said...

just keep writing through it lady.
and come visit me!!
love v

Mindola said...

yeah i am working on getting myself a laptop instead of a desktop which will make it a little easier for me.

And I started to practise guitar!!! Slowly but surely I will learn those damn notes!!

I'm working on a visit....I am DYING to get out there....ugh.