Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Babies. Sweet little babies.

Zoom brought her babies into work today. It made my whole day, maybe even my whole week. It was also good to get me back on track with my meds and the whole diet and no chemicals thing. It's so easy to get frustrated and not remember why you are doing this in the first place, but I was reminded today. Sweet little babies. Twins no less. I am probably the only person that is hoping for twins. Lori always tells me how having twins was the best thing and that she can't imagine having just one.
I want babies right now so everyone say a silent prayer for my dumb overaies to start working properly, oh and bring my husband home for some lovin. Yeah I'm smart, I's know's my birds and bees.

Just what the world needs; another redneck ritalin'd up child. LOL.


maitaca said...
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maitaca said...

hey you! ok so I've got this editing thing down pat! So the mans' not home yet, eh? Sorry i haven't been in touch, but hope yer all well. YOU ARE SUCH A CUTIE!!! take it easy lovely! i want to see you before I go travelling. any chance we can arrange that? when are your days off?