Thursday, June 02, 2005

I'm a sullen girl, sullen girl

My good moods are never to last.

My grandma (dad's side) has pnuemonia. She's critical. My parents are away, thankfully coming back tonight at some point. How can a family who just went through this in March, go through all this again. I am more angry right now than sad, which in turn makes me guilty for being selfish. If that makes sense.

Dan isn't here. If anything does happen, if she does pass away. He can't come back. Who will let me squeeze their hand so hard to keep from crying. Who is going to comfort me just by being there.

This year was supposed to be so much better.

I should have known better

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Nessie V said...

sorry to hear about grams.
you can always call me if you're missing dan and worried about grams - i'll make you laugh and tell you stupid stories of what's going on in van-city. you ain't alone sista
even though you live in the boondocks
love v