Friday, March 17, 2006

Black and Blue

I bit the bullet and went for my second "traditional" massage yesterday after work.
Although it felt good at the time, and not any where near as awkward and self-conscious as I anticipated, at this moment, I feel as though I was beaten to a vicious bloody pulp the night previous. My pecs and shoulder blades are tender in a way that is not normal, even in painful sort of way. I move and I creak and crack. I straighten up in my chair and creak and groan and crack. She warned me, but I didn't believe her.
My only advice is to definitley take a trip to "Pee-Town" before the session next time (dummy!) Holding it in for an hour whilst being kneaded to a doughy blob is not healthy or smart (according to Kramer)

I get more redneck by the minute I swear.

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