Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Romance Recap

Everytime Danny comes home, after being away 4 or 5 weeks I feel like I have been put in a blender and pureed on high.

Between visiting, partying, renovating, insulating, plumbing, cleaning, there is very little "us" time.
I did however manage to surprise him with a very nice hotel surprise on his last night in town. I strung him along like a little puppy and he took the bait. Even when he was walking into the hotel room, he still thought I was attending a course for work and he needed to help me carry some stuff out to the car. His face was worth the price of the hotel.Planning a surprise is remarkably stressful however, and I barely made it through the 5 days without spilling the beans.

It all worked out and was really fun, especially the jacuzzi tub that was directly facing the t.v (with Food TV on it of course.) I am such a food geek.

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