Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My Secret

is that i have had a 10 year long relationship with a woman
not without some bumps along the way
but yet with beautiful moments
like that time at Folk Fest, with the moths swarming
and I was beside the stage and beside myself with happiness.

this relationship started with a crush on a boy
the first boy i ever slept with in a bed with overnight
our toes barely touching
listening to joyful girl
and i could barely breathe

slowly but carefully i bought everything she had created
and loved them like children
but the discs overplayed
and the boots came from across country
with love from others who loved her too

she was the reason i applied to volunteer at Folk Fest
i had no money to buy a ticket
and this would be the first time i saw her in life
and i fell in love all over again
like i had never before

10 years
with ups and downs
those years when you weren't alone
and i would have rather to have you
all to myself

10 years,
3 concerts
17 albums
and i still love everyone
except "overlap" that i still can't bring myself
to listen to

this is the longest relationship
i have ever experienced
so unselfish
so fulfilling
so beautiful
and all my own

happy 10 years! to a woman that could write a song that says "you can't will yourself happy, you can't will your cunt wet. you can't keep standing at the station, pretending your being met" and have it sound so poetic and chillingly beautiful.

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