Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Blankets lie so still

a part of growing up i guess
people and friends
packing up and moving along
lost touch
even though we were close
and bugged each other
all the time back then

you left us now
and i feel guilty for
yours and everyone else's
abandoned friendship
caused by me
and such laziness
maybe if we kept it up
you wouldn't have left us

i can't imagine what was so
bad that you were left with
this as your only choice
such desperation
i feel bad you had no one
to confide in

and i worry now
about everyone that
was important in my life
at one time
whether a minute or a year
i never want them to
feel so alone

i'm sorry derek that i never
stuck around
i'm sorry
that there was no one to stop you
i'm sorry

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