Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I need all the wisdom I can get.....

Ok so the dentist says I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled out. I got crazy x-rays done and "apparently" my wisdom teeth are pushing on the roots of my back teeth and eventually the will distroy the root and the teeth will fall out. Since he's not doing the surgery and doesn't stand to profit from my agony, I believe him. Unless him and the surgeon are in kahoots(?).
I am kind of disturbed by this. I know that getting your wisdom teeth removed is common but the thought of it disturbs me. I mean seriously ! the only things I ever would allow removed from my body are:
  • tonsils, I would have gladly gotten rid of those suckers long ago.
  • a child/children
  • any kind of stones ie: kidney or ect...
other than that I would like to keep what "my momma gave me"
Speaking of momma's, mine offered to take the day off work when this unfortunate surgery will happen as I will be a complete/painfilled/mess
What a nice momma I have. It's not like I can count on Dan.... he'll just give me copious amounts of over the counter meds and try to feed me junk food. Boys.....I tell ya.
I'll keep you all posted as to when the big day will be. I'm sure you will all send me comments either encouraging me/horrifying me about your own wisdom teeth adventures.

ps. it's been 18 days and no alcohol. I am awesome! Don't even miss it.
pps. I should clarify that I am not an alcoholic but rather a girl going to a fertility clinic that had to make some sacrifices in order to prepare her body to be pregnant. Don't want the kid to be born pickled ,you know.


Nessie V said...

firstly, i was born pickled and look how i turned out... better yet, don't mull that one over.
secondly, i was eating a cheeseburger the day after i got all my wisdom teeth taken out.
make sure they put you out and not with just general anesthetics.

Mindola said...

cheeseburgers you sick bugger.....barf!!!

oh Darren Mak......didn't we love him