Friday, April 22, 2005

Wish me luck

I am going quading tomorrow with a few people that I am not fond of but have to make an effort to get along with for the sake of the husband.
This goes further into my previous post of defense tactics.
I always think that I am such a forgiving person but maybe I am forgiving with regards to my best friends and family rather than people that I am not super close to.
Also people in the Bradshaw family all pick apart people. I used to remember going to the Sals downtown with my Grandma for lunch and she'd have something to say about every friggin person that walked by. My Dad is the same way.

I want to be nice. I will be nice.
I will be pleasant and fun even if Dan's co worker brings his girlfriend to go with us.
For the sake of annonymity ( ?) we will name her .......wait ....I can't even think of a non-offending nickname. So I will stop this post right here.

Wish me luck people. Yay for nice girls.

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Nessie V said...

oh come on! who is the bitch???