Wednesday, April 20, 2005

It's wait.

I can't believe it's only tuesday....i feel like i have been at work for 4 weeks straight.
I can't think about anything this morning except:

- Going quading on the weekend
-Vanessa and her blog and how happy it made me ( hence why I am here now :)
-My queasy stomach.

I just wrote that it is tuesday and i looked at the top right hand corner and to my delight it
is wednesday!!! But i still feel like i have been working forever.

Vaness have you heard about Rilo Kiley? I am kind of fond of them.

I am a virgin blogger forgive me!!!

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Nessie V said...

of course i've heard of rilo kiley
"so if you want me, you better speak up - i won't wait.
so if you want me, you better move faster"
i love my "of course" i'm such a snob. but i get to be a snob online - just don't let me get away with it in real life.
i'll try and find the link so that you can use pictures.
on the bottom of my blog you can see the links i have to mimi's blog, allan's and heather. heather's is a really good one. allan has pics of me on there as does heather.
check'it out.
glad you're on here now. it's therapeutic.
love vaness aka kate