Monday, April 25, 2005

So much for being positive.....

I am using this blog as a tool today to feel better.
Heres' my list of what sucks today:
  • being nauseous
  • I have to take this metformin for my PCOS, it makes me nauseous, but I have to take it with lots of food 3 times a day but I can't eat cause I am nauseous
  • Dan is most likely leaving for the oil rigs within a month.
  • I still haven't replaced my hot water tank because we are bad with $$$$
  • it is snowing outside.
  • we need a whole new exhaust system for our quad as well as a new axle.
  • Dan flipped the quad again and I am sore today.
But on the bright side I was a nice girl on saturday and had a lot of fun. I guess I can be nice if I want to.... I am a nice girl!! :)


Nessie V said...

now a list of what rocks today. waking up alive is always a good way to start this list.
love v
p.s. my morning sucks too. but that is due to too much self abuse on the weekend and allergies.

Mindola said...

allergies are poopy!!
Are you coming to peg town or what?

ps. hi !